CRIC house

The CRIC house (Cultural Rehabilitation Internship Center) is a collective within the intentional community, imperfect as any other collective of individuals.  We are striving to live as sustainably as we know how.  This does not mean green washing our jeans, but rather foraging from local dumpsters and our own gardens, sharing communal spaces and meals. We are partially-egalitarian, operating on informal consensus and organic decision making, creating home from the scraps of a former lumber mill and culture through the values and habits of our members. We do not strive for a small footprint, assuming human impact is inherently negative.  We strive for a large impact, one of forest restoration and land rejuvenation, of resource reformation and waste reclamation. Jumping from a starting place of human devastation and working towards a harmony that once existed between peoples and lands.  Not a turning back of the clocks, but learning from our collective mistakes as well as our collective successes.
We find ourselves at a breaking point.  Tip-toeing the line between compliance and revolution.  How much can we comply, yet maintain our lifestyle?  How much can we revolt, yet maintain our land?

Our culture and the spirit of our lives is being threatened by the county code enforcement. We have created this blog to tell folks about what is being lost because we no longer have the freedom to be who we are on our own land.

Look at our personal testimonials: stories about how each of us, as individuals, have been affected by the enforcement of county code.



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