Who we are

We are a few individuals within an intentional community built around concepts of living sustainably, sharing resources, living simply, cooperation, consensus, and environmental awareness. We have built this community on land purchased by one of our members. Some of our homes are old farm buildings and buildings from a former lumber mill, and some are homes we have created ourselves, including yurts, strawbale, reappropriated vehicles, and homes made from salvaged lumber.

Sharing a common house where we share utilities, kitchen, and company, and living in simple, tiny, and sustainable housing had increased our ability to use less resources, homestead together, and take care of the land. We take care of our forest, spending our days reducing fire fuel and healing the land after previous clear cuts, we revitalize the soil in areas where heavy machinery used by the lumber mill has created dead zones, we take care of our riparian zone, we have gardens, a herd of goats with an expansive pasture, a cow and her calf, and a few dozen chickens.

We have been able to improve the land and reduce our environmental impact because of the simple dwellings we have created as home. We bring up our children with direct experience of the land, we educate them, and are able to spend more quality time with them because of our low expenses and thus the amount of time we can spend on the land.


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